Philippa Vick

“It seems I have been involved in healing all my working life. I started out practising remedial massage and then moved to traditional Chinese medicine – acupuncture and herbs. From there I trained as a psychotherapist and I have continued in this for the last thirty plus years specialising in body based approaches to trauma and mindfulness based stress reduction. As such, prior to becoming independent, I have been a UKCP registered psychotherapist, an EMDR registered practitioner and I completed both the Bangor University mindfulness teacher training and later their emerging supervision of mindfulness teaching course.

In 2006 I started the Bath and Bristol Mindfulness Courses that have subsequently unfolded and flourished in several different directions.  I have a long association with Buddhism and the work of Bob Moore and have found that both of these naturally inform and influence the way I work. More recently I would also add the non-dual perspective of Adyashanti and the Zen of Henry Shukman, both of whom I deeply value. For me mentoring, providing psychotherapy and teaching mindfulness and its contemplative background is very rewarding - particularly meeting people who like myself are trying to find a way to be with all the struggles of a busy life and not be overwhelmed. Though very much still working on it, just catching myself mindfully can lift me out of the craziest of places.


Oh yes - and I live mainly outside Bath with my husband Nigel Wellings and our dog Lyddie.”